Caldesi is species of nectarine that matures in early July. Its average weight is from 150 to 180 grams. It has a striped red epidhermis (outer part) that dominates and with small part occupied by the green. The flesh (inner part) is white colour. This variety blosoms in the last week of March. It is very tasty, juicy and has a distinctive odor.


Big-Top is the variety of nectarines that ripens in early July. Big Top has a similar weight as Caldesi with the average weight of about 160 grams. Epidermis (outer part) is dominant dark red almost maroon color and the flesh (inner part) is yellow color. This species blossoms is in the interval between the last week of March to the end of the first week of April. This nectarine has an excellent sweet flavor.


Morsijani is the American variety that seasons in mid August. The fruit is oblong, large and dominated by red and yellow color, while the flesh is yellow.