Enis is a variety whose fruits easily fall out of the shell with shaking. It belongs to the high production species, although it does not grow in clusters because it is very sturdy. This is the biggest variety Hazelnut with weigh of about 4.7 grams andcalibration of 16mm to 24mm.


Tonda Gentile Romana is a medium vigor Italian variety. It seasons in late August through to the first week of September. The fruit is globose, dark brown in color with average weight of 2.6 grams and easily falls out of tread. The core is roundish with yield of 45%, good taste and suitable for industrial processing. This variety is most represented in Italy, near Rome.

Tonda Gentile Romana

Rimski is also an Italian variety with medium vigor. The fruit is large, about 3 grams in weight and falls out of the shell. The core is about 1.35 grams, which means that the yield is around 43%. Roman belongs to a group of related varieties.